We have been making tree grates, trench grates and bollards under the IRONSMITH banner for over thirty years. In 1984, IRONSMITH was the first tree grate manufacturer to produce a 1/4″ slot opening width tree grate. IRONSMITH developed the Starburst Series 1 and Series 2 in response to requests from Las Vegas hotels for a grate that would not trap ladies spike high heel shoes. Five years later the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed and IRONSMITH removed all grates with slots over 1/2″ from its product line to promote improved safety for all pedestrians.

Since switching 100% to small slot opening models we have developed 20 styles in over 30 different shapes and sizes and we are adding to the line continually. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for we are happy to make it for you.

IRONSMITH, INC. is the sponsor of the IRONSMITH, INC. Employee Stock Ownership Plan and Trust. The ESOP controls 100% of IRONSMITH stock which makes every IRONSMITH, INC. employee an owner. This means that everyone involved has a personal stake in insuring that your project is successful. We recognize that your Success is our Success.

IRONSMITH, INC. includes IRONSMITH Architectural Products, IRONSMITH Pattern and Tooling, IRONSMITH Fabrication, and IRONSMITH Logistics Divisions.


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