Cast Iron
natural as cast surface finish ( shown with age patina)
Cast Aluminum
natural / 36 grit random orbital brushed finish
Cast Brass / Bronze
natural / 36 grit random orbital brushed finish
Black Powder Coat
iron, aluminum, steel
Cardinal T241-BK59 Black texture semi gloss is standard

Metal Selection

IRONSMITH cast products; tree grates, trench grates, drain grates and bollards, are available in:

Cast gray iron

Long a standard for gratings and bollards, gray iron offers the best balance of strength, durability and low cost. 100% post consumer recycled metal.

Cast ductile iron

Ductile iron is more malleable and less brittle than gray iron allowing for a greater strength to weight ratio. Best when higher strength and lower weight is needed. High percentage of post consumer metal but may include pre-consumer recycled metal still meeting L.E.E.D. standard for recycled content.

Cast aluminum

From 100% post consumer recycled metal. Light weight (1/3 cast iron) yet still strong, does not rust. Unique look when left unfinished.

Cast Bronze/Brass alloys

Standard material used is alloy C854 yellow brass for castings and C385 Architectural bronze for frame angles. Yellow brass contains app. 67% Copper, 29% Zinc, 3% Lead, and 1% Tin. Architectural Bronze contains app. 55 -60% copper,40% zinc, 2 – 3.8% lead . Due to their lead content C854 and C385 alloys may not be suitable for systems to provide water for human consumption. IRONSMITH copper alloy products are not ANSI/NSF 61 tested. Please check your local codes.

Click here for a discussion of bronze / brass

Fabricated Steel Products 

Frames, tree guards, paver suspension,
from ASTM A36 carbon steel

Coating Options

All of our cast metal products look great and wear very well without any finish. But for those cases where a different color option is required we can finish any product to your specification.

Standard Options

Natural Unfinished

All cast iron products have an as cast surface. This surface shows a light sand texture. Cast aluminum and copper alloy products have a 36 grit random orbital ground surface. This surface reflects light from multiple directions. It is not a linear brushed finish.

Click here for a discussion of natural aging

Black Dip

Black dip is an asphalt coating used only on cast iron.

Enamel Paint

Enamel Paint can be color matched to your specification. One coat primer one enamel color.

Polyurethane Paint

Polyurethane paint can be color matched to your specification. One coat special primer one polyurethane color top coat.
SHARKGRIP® may be added to enamel or polyurethane paint to improve slip resistance.

Powder Coat

Powder coat can be supplied from any powder manufacturer’s standard colors. Powder coat process includes; sand balst , multistage wash and rinse, epoxy primer, exterior rated polyester topcoat. We suggest Cardinal Powder coatIRONSMITH standard black is Cardinal T241-BK59 Black texture semi gloss TGIC polyester.
We also provide Tiger Drylac RAL colors.

Zinc Undercoats

For premium finishes we offer zinc galvanizing in both hot dip and hot spray methods for steel and iron products.

Special Options:

Black Max

A non toxic easily field applied product to turn rusty grates dark instantly.

Baked Oil

IRONSMITH discourages the use of this finish method. Click here for a full discussion.

Brass Patinas

We can provide Birchwood® Technologies M38 and M24 finishes.