1. Drawings and CAD files are made available as a courtesy to our customers for the sole purpose of showing design intent. They may be incorporated into your drawings for this purpose and shared with persons or entities that would normally have access to such documents.
  2. Under no circumstance are such drawings or files to be used to produce, or cause to have produced the items depicted in them.
  3. IRONSMITH, INC. (IRONSMITH) in no way warrants the accuracy of such drawings or files and it and any of it’s officers, employees, or agents shall be held harmless severally and jointly against all claims, damages, liabilities, or costs arising from the use in any manner of these drawings and files.
  4. IRONSMITH reserves the right to make changes to any and all drawings and files at anytime and without notice to any party.
  5. Drawings and files are copyright and IRONSMITH retains all rights to drawings and files.

Drawings and files are not an offer of sale. IRONSMITH shall be under no obligation to sell and or produce any item depicted in drawings or files.